I am God, You are God, We are God

Did I just say that I am God? YUP I did!

So what if it were true that I am God, You are God, and everything that exists is God? Why is it that most of us can say that the Earth, Nature, the Animals are God, but we can’t say that about ourselves?

These are all very good questions. So let’s play for a moment. If we are all a part of The All that IS, and most people can claim that, then why is it so hard to take the next leap and claim your Godliness? Most likely it’s because this knowing has been beaten out of us for centuries by people and institutions that want to control us.

Think about that. 

So, let’s roll back time and pretend to remember that we are God. We were created in God’s likeliness. If God is everything and everywhere then God’s likeliness is not a physical appearance. Isn’t God’s likeliness that of a CREATOR?

That’s what I choose to adopt. 

Especially since for sure we know that we are creators. We create everything that is in our reality. You cannot turn the Law of Attraction offYou cannot turn the Law of Attraction off, but you can learn to work with it to create more joy in your life. Why not return back to that simple truth.. God is a Creator… then I am a Creator.  

Let’s remove all the programming that prevents us from actually creating what we want in our lives. Let’s leave out all the drama and trauma and upset and disappointment, etc. Let’s reclaim our Magical and Wonderful ability to Create!

Focus on all that you want to create. Pretend that you are The Ultimate Creator, even though you are, but if it makes it easier to claim that, then just pretend. Pretend for a day. Then pretend for a week, and see what turns up.

Remember too that God is LOVE, God hangs out in the highest of vibrations. Joy, Love, Peace, Gratitude, and Appreciation. 

I now consciously choose to be that, The Ultimate Creator! I now claim myself as an extension of the All that Is, and start acting like it.  No longer will I give in to FEAR. I will look at it. See if there is actually something to fear, like danger. Then remember that I am God and I can create a new story.

Then rewrite the story to reflect LOVE.  

You can always find your way back to LOVE by taking some slow deep breaths, allowing that breath to connect you deep into the Earth as you expand your conscious into the everything. Do that just with a few slow breaths. It’s really easy to do once you allow yourself to do it. You are the Creator of your reality. 

Let’s create all the good that we want in life.

Let’s LOVE our lives, always, no matter what shows up. Just connect to your breath and pull out those huge paint brushes of your heart, soul and imagination and go to work creating!

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong