The truth is you are perfect just as you are.

You are Love and you are perfection. The only thing keeping you from seeing this truth is all of the outside influences you have picked up and even just absorbed from many sources outside of yourself. If you were to get quiet and look inside you will be able to see past all the illusion of how you are not good enough, and you will see the truth. You are enough just by being you. You are pure love energy.

What is your truth?

In seeing and connecting with the truth of YOU, miracles will happen. Tiny little miracles and big huge miracles. And sometimes the tiniest of miracles is the one that opens up and expands your awareness so much that you do see the beautiful truth of your being. All you need do is ask for this to happen and it will.

We all have so much untapped potential, it’s sad that we haven’t seen it. And yet that too is beautiful because you truly are in a schoolroom here on earth. Learning lessons and expanding from each and every one of them. Believe it or not, you have asked for every experience you have lived. You have asked for it just for the expansion that comes. But it is time now on the planet for experiences to be easier, to come from the energy of joy and love and no longer from fear and struggle. Are you ready?

If you are ready then start working on your energy field. If you are ready to release all those things that are preventing you from connecting with your own knowing of the truths I have just written. If you are ready to connect with your intuition, with Spirit to assist you as you travel this lifetime’s path. Well guess what? You can do this, and it is not hard. Through Energy Healing you can reconnect and remember your truth. You can allow your power and light to shine and to share. You see, as you expand your awareness you set the stage for many more to do the same. Especially family members who would read this and think that I am crazy.

I know this because along my journey so many who would think me crazy are now wanting to know more. They are wanting to hear my voice as I lead meditation because they feel the peace that comes with it. Just the smallest of interaction and my sending pure love to them has opened the door.

I have opened up something inside of me that just wants to wake up everyone to what I have learned. There are so many teachers out there. Many teaching the same exact principals yet we absorb them in a way that brings new awareness every time.

It’s really quite amazing. I often speak about how I can hear the same words over and over throughout years and still hear them in a new light and grow even more with each experience. You may have experienced this for yourself. Have you ever listened to a book or a teaching and even though it’s the 3rd or 4th time listening you hear parts you never heard in the previous encounters? The beauty in this is that you would not be listening again if not for a new learning to come through.

You have the power to turn those perceived flaws into strengths. Instead of beating yourself up, transform and empower yourself, find the gift in the “flaw” and allow it to grow your Spirit.

Back to energy clearing…

Clearing energy is a very simple process yet so powerful. In the healing sessions I hold I assist people to release limiting beliefs, drop the vows, oaths, and decision made in the past that are effecting the present. Many of these are subconscious and you are not even aware it’s there. But, in a session as we work to manifest your desired life or even one simple goal, through the assistance of your body and with Spirit guiding me I will uncover those things that are blocking you.

Many of these things are energy ties or connections, chords, that you are still holding onto from past experience. The past is gone. Live in the here and now, in the present. That’s really all there is. You exist right now. You did exist in the past and you do exist in the future. But right here, right now is where your power exists. It is from where you create.

When you can be totally present and focus on what you want, and only what you want, you will have the power of the whole universe backing you up and showing you the way.

Release the old beliefs and create new ones. Right here, right now, in the present.  Stop living in all the misconceptions of the past. Stop holding onto the things that happened to you that made you feel wrong. Make them right by letting go of them. They will never take you further. They only keep you stuck in the past. Free yourself to create. You are meant to create. This is your true job in life, in existence. Create, create, create!

Connect with me and allow me to guide you to your truth. You are love, you are a magnificent creator. Stop creating the junk and clear out the gunk so that you can re-energize you mojo. That magical expression of you, the inner power that you posses. Start creating what you want in life and let go of all that stuff that has a tight hold on you.  Let me assist you to awaken your power to heal your life and live from love.

I offer in person sessions in Tenafly NJ or sessions over Skype anywhere in the World. Contact me for more information. I would LOVE to hear from you!

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong


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