When all else fails just pretend. Yup, I said pretend. And guess what? It is the easiest thing to do. We were born doing it. Can you remember when you used to pretend? Look at the little kids around you, watch how energized they are as they pretend all sorts of things…

Just pretend to be…. at Peace, Happy, Calm, at Ease, filled with Joy and
Love, love, love. Just do it! As you hold the energy of these words you manifest them into your reality.

Kids pretend even the most outrageous of things that us grown ups can’t even begin to pretend. That’s too, too bad for us. Because by pretending to be, do or have what we desire, really pretending, really feeling it as if it were true, we bring the vibration of the reality into our whole energetic system. We are then open to manifest it in our reality.

Everything starts with a thought. Then it’s enhanced with an emotion. That emotion sends out a signal to the Universe that is in the vibration of what we imagine.  It goes out and the Universe says the only word it knows… YES!

Yes, you are a princess, yes, you are a famous athlete, yes, you are rich. That’s it, end of story. That’s how it works.

So why do so many, I’d say even most of us spend our time pretending how it can never happen for me, it’s impossible to become a famous athlete, there are billions of people on the planet how could I be famous. How can I be rich when all I see is bill after bill after bill, just trying to get ahead.  WOW, we are so good at feeling the emotions of the things we don’t want. And then we wonder why is it not happening for me. We wonder why we manifest the same reality over and over, repeating the same pattern.

As I write this I am speaking to myself. I know how to create. I’ve created many things with my thoughts and emotions and pretending to live it in the now. YET, I too fall off track and get caught up in what is.  Well, if we spend so much time looking at what is how could we ever expect change?

Yeah, that’s so very true.

I had recently fallen into that trap, and got so caught up in it, so much so – that all the stuff I know to do – I wasn’t doing it!!!  And of course there is always something to learn from the experience, so, I’m not beating myself up for not doing what I know. But, I am looking at the lessons that this is bringing to me. And one of those is to really stress to people the power of their thoughts and emotions, their imagination, and intuition. It’s through imagination that you strengthen your intuition. When we fall away from using our imagination we also stop hearing our intuitive guidance.

When we live in the energy of our desires and have a great time pretending, we HEAR our intuitive guidance giving us so many inspired ideas that assist us to create the very things we desire.

So let’s all get our imagination mojo going! Have fun with it. The better you feel the easier all that you desire can make it’s way to you.

The Universe only knows one word… YES.  So don’t spend any time telling it that you just can’t get ahead because the Universe will say YES, you just can’t get ahead.   Don’t tell the Universe that your desires are just too far out of reach and you don’t know what to do. The Universe will tell you… YES, your desires are too far out of reach and you don’t know what to do!

Everything is a mirror reflection. What you see outside of you is a reflection of what is somewhere inside of you. Change your thoughts, add the feelings of the desire as if it already exists. Be that kid again who’s imagination is off the charts and HAVE FUN CREATING.

This is my message to myself today and to anyone who is reading this now.

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong