Are you ready to let go of unwanted subconscious beliefs?

TThis sophisticated, comprehensive energy healing method, Belief Code is designed to free your mind, body, and spirit from beliefs that have been holding you back! It is the third system by Dr. Bradley Nelson that works together with The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

Belief Code is able to uncover buried whole negative belief systems, releases them and then creates space for new empowering beliefs! This system pulls out a complete network of interacting beliefs that together create the discomfort and struggle you are experiencing. In most cases it is not just a single belief that is operating in the background, it’s a whole collection linked together. This is why the Belief Code is so effective.

Better Beliefs It’s amazing how as each belief is uncovered you can see a pattern or a story around them. These limiting beliefs hold emotion which create your thoughts and together affect your reality. Many times these belief systems originated when you were a young child and have collected/connected more beliefs to this day. Some of the beliefs that come up are surprising yet you can see how the whole system together is taking its toll on what you desire to create and live. With the belief code  you come away with more understanding of what has been holding you back as you release the old to make room for the new.




Isn’t it time you let go of negative belief systems with the Belief Code?

I want to share what a Belief Code session looks like with you. A long time client of mine, Keiko, volunteered her session to be recorded so that others can see what it’s all about in action.

Her belief system happened to be a Parallel System, which can include more than one whole belief system. Her’s included THREE whole systems. These Parallel systems can also be inherited. So, you might have been born with these beliefs right off the bat. Luckily they can now be released.

Parallel TreesThere are 5 types of Belief Systems in the Belief Code which I won’t get into on this post. They are… Basic System, Split System, Parallel, Tangled and Partial System.

I am adding the videos of all 3 parts of Keiko’s Parallel Belief System. We recorded separate videos for each system. I do a lot of explaining in the first video, so it’s a bit longer than the rest. And it was probably the most involved system of the three. And so you know, sometimes a belief system can be completed in 30 minutes. It just depends on what comes up and what my client wants to share about it as we go.

You will get a good idea of how these sessions work from watching the videos. If you have any questions please put them in the comments section and I will answer them for you.

Check out the Belief Code Practitioner page for more details.

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong