An Amazing Gift, The Emotion Code & The Body Code!

Thank you to Dr. Bradley Nelson for creating the Body Code and Emotion Code. I am beyond excited and thrilled to be certified in both. I have been certified in many healing modalities over the years and have enjoyed helping people with each one of them. But now, after learning about these two modalities and going through the certification process for both, I am working almost exclusively with them.

I have removed the other modalities from my website, except for The GATE Method and of course Transformation Coaching. Along with Body Code and Emotion Code, these are the areas where I see the most healing and transformation occur. So these are now my focus.

Body Code HealingI can’t say enough good things about the Body Code and Emotion Code. The success stories that you can read about from any practitioner and especially from Dr. Bradley Nelson are really inspiring and miraculous. It was the results I was seeing and hearing about that really had me want to find out more.

What can you expect with The Body Code…

I have had clients in a session feel instant relief. It’s not something that we can expect in every session, but it does happen pretty regularly. One client came to the call with full blown allergy symptoms and half way through the session the symptoms were gone! Another client, while working on chronic headaches, not only got relief from the headache but also from pain in her arm that had been there for years. As we released things associated to the headaches other conditions also released.

Everything is energy, The Body Code proves that to me every day, even more so than I’ve ever realized before. While clearing the energy in one area many times other symptoms and problems also release as they were in some way connected. What I love even more is that we do not have to understand it or make sense of it. This is because we are releasing trapped energies that block energy and systems from flowing freely in your body. The things that are energetically connected to that trapped energy will also release. You really have to experience it for yourself to understand the awe that I have for this work.

Emotion Code LoveI have seen clients who came to the session feeling sick and leave feeling well. I’ve seen clients with other symptoms like Lipomas, Prostate Symptoms, Acne, TMJ, and more, see results over the next days and weeks.

It all comes down to releasing and realigning the trapped energies, the imbalances, be it with an organ, a gland, bones, muscles, chakras, meridians… you name it, the Body Code will find it and release it.

You’ve just gotta try it for yourself!

The Body Code also incorporates the Emotion Code. An imbalance in your system whether it be physical or emotional is all ultimately energy. So whether working on purely trapped emotions, or other energetic imbalances in the physical body, the energy will be released and new energy (love and light) will take it’s place. Leaving you feeling more like your true self.

Find out for yourself. I am offering a 20% discount on your first 60 minute Single Session so that you can try it to see what you think and how you feel from the experience. Just use coupon code TRYIT20% at check out.

Keep checking back here on my website for Success Stories and articles about the Emotion Code and the Body Code. Oh, and you will want to learn about the Heart Wall, I will write about that soon. Briefly a Heart Wall is a collection of trapped emotions that your subconscious builds around your heart originally intended to protect you. But, is no longer helping you. It’s now keeping out good things that want to come in. Removing your Heart Wall is a really great way to get started on your journey to healing and living your best life.

If you have questions place them in the comments or send me a message.

Peace, Love & Joy,

Linda Armstrong