Tell the story you wish to live.

Ican’t stress this enough. You cannot change your life if you keep telling the same old story. Yesterday is gone. Today is all you have, and tomorrow will be built out of the story you tell TODAY.

If you don’t believe me just look around at the people you know. Notice what the successful people talk about. Notice what the happy people talk about. Take notice of what the sickly people talk about. Take notice of what unhappy people are talking about. It’s right there before our very eyes and ears.

I invite you to especially take note of what those say who are working on fulfilling their dreams. You will be able to see if they can achieve the goal by listening to what they say about getting there.

And now after you have played around with noticing the people around you… take a good hard look at yourself. What story are you constantly telling.

Your words carry energy. Try to notice how you feel when your telling your story. Are you excited at the possibilities or are you miserable, feeling like everything is against you.

I have news for you in case you haven’t learned this yet. The OUTER always is a reflection of the INNER. I know, it’s hard to take, but it’s true. I did a radio show on this a while ago, click to listen.

It is so, so, easy to get sucked into a lower energy. We can so easily put ourselves into doubt, fear and worry. We have all achieved Black Belts in holding negative energy. In fact we’ve been trained in this art every day of our lives. Negativity is everywhere, turn on the news if you feel you need more of it.

We seem to wear negative energy easily. It doesn’t take much for most of us to have our energy go downhill. Seems that to change our energy to be positive takes much more work. This is why the simple act of watching a funny movie can be the quickest way to shift our energy. You don’t really have to try to hard when you are being amused. So, why not start there. Watch a funny movie, then you can take steps to point yourself in the direction of maintaining that higher vibration, feeling good about the possibilities that are on the way.

I say on the way purposely. You see, if you can hold a high vibration for most of the time, things will sort themselves out almost magically.

Have you ever been dealing with a problem that has been going on for some time? And during that time you had some days when you felt good, some days when you felt bad, some days when you felt miserable and even some days when you felt like you were on top of the world. But yet, that same problem is still there!  Hmmmm, kinda makes you think, doesn’t it? If you can feel good while in this problem, the world is not crashing down on you the way it was just yesterday, then why not make the effort to feel good. After a while it won’t even be an effort, you will have successfully shifted your energy.

I’ve noticed this about myself.

I had some pretty serious financial problems going on over a many months, actually years. Since I know about energy I was able to notice the shifts in my vibration. It actually made me laugh when I found myself miserable for days, then feeling great, like, I’ve got this! Yeah! But then back to feeling stuck. Well, it was so clear that I was in the same situation and my emotions were yoyo-ing. How could I feel so good some of those days when I had this big problem?  AND WHY NOT CHOOSE to feel good, especially when I know very well that it’s ONLY in the good feelings that I will be able to bust out of that stuckness and out of my financial situation.

Now, when it comes to money most of us seem to have to do a lot of work clearing out all those limiting beliefs we picked up as kids. We pick up so much junk that was never even our own, we sort of just adopted it because the big people were spewing out all of their complaints, fears and worries, and we took them on as our own.  That’s why you hear that statement, it takes money to make money. Well YES of course it does, because unless you can vibrate to the energy of loving money you can’t get any. Like attracts like. Money attracts money. Easy. Start loving money, love all it does for you. Look at all the good that money does and brings. Take your attention off of what you don’t have and look at what you do have. It will grow. Use GRATITUDE to shift the energy.

So I gave up the struggle. I decided to feel good. I focused on all that is good in my life. I looked at how abundant my life truly is. I chose to shift my vibration when it dipped because there’s no way I could create from there. And some how my whole body, my whole being relaxed. I’m still not rolling in the dough, but I feel it coming my way more and more. I let go of the struggle and decided to become a magnet to money. And to tell you the truth, I invited the Divine in to take over and direct me to my highest good. It’s working!!!  But I’ll leave that part for a new article.

For now, I just wanted to get you thinking about the stories you are telling. Do they serve you? If they make you feel bad start changing them even ever so slightly. You will be amazed. And if you find you just can’t do it easily, then go watch a funny movie and start all over again. Find ways to feel good. Become that young child who could dream up anything, who could pretend so easily. Start living in your imagination, pretend to live your desires NOW. Feel them as if they really exist. Create your own Virtual Reality. Just do it (what do you have to loose). You don’t have to let anyone know about it, just do it and be prepared to be amazed.

Short and sweet, I could go on and on about this, but really, all you need to know is that you MUST tell ONLY the story you wish to live.

That’s it for now, peace

Linda Armstrong