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About Linda Armstrong

Certified Theta Healer, GATE Method Facilitator & Master Law of Attraction Transformation Coach

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I’m Linda Armstrong


A little about me…

My mission is to help 100’s  of 1,000’s of people to awaken to their true power to heal their lives and live from LoVe!

I assist people to knowing their TRUTH, that they are Spirit and they have the Power to create the life they dream of living. One that is LOVE. Love, Appreciation and Gratitude is your Power, connecting with Spirit is your Power, tap into the inspiration that wants to flow through you. Actually, that is always flowing through you, and watch the magic appear!


It’s funny how things seem to come together in the right timing. Never did I think that by becoming a Karate Teacher, a Sensei, that I would be blending the world of Martial Arts with the world of Energy Healing, but it is what has developed. Seems it was Spirit’s plan all along.

When I woke up one day “out of the blue” unable to lift my left arm I never considered that it was part of a Spiritual Awakening that would lead me to become a healer. Well, that’s exactly what happened. And along this journey I actually healed my rotator cuff tear and regained full mobility of my arm. I did this in only two months once I had decided and declared to the Universe that I was not going to have surgery… that I CAN heal myself. This was after suffering with the tear for close to one year.

WOW, a whole new world opened up to me.

Since then, I have been on an amazing journey of self discovery and personal development which has lead me to what I call “the missing link” and that is The GATE Healing Method. I am also certified in the ThetaHealing® Technique. And I also practice Reiki and Energy Coaching and teach Meditation Courses. I invite you to view my Certifications page if you like.

So… it all started with my love of Crystals and the Law of Attraction. And then I developed a tear in my Rotator Cuff in my left shoulder. I am also a Karate Instructor, so this was not a good thing. At least at the time I thought it was one of the worst things that could happen to me.

What is Theta healingWhat I have learned since then is that it was the ABSOLUTELY best thing that could happen to me, as I have healed it myself!

It was this pain in my shoulder that brought me to all that I am doing now and so totally loving! I had decided at that time to find something that I can do from anywhere in the world with anyone at anytime and earn a great income helping people. Long story short… I took an Internet Marketing course, had to look for what really makes me tick. That was Law of Attraction and all things to do with positive thought and Energy. I enrolled in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy. And the journey took off. Since then I have been on a never ending journey of EXPANSION!

Interestingly, I had a session with a Psychic who was pointing to my left shoulder and saying “Arrow, arrow, arrow” She then went on to tell me of a lifetime when I was an Native American Indian and was injured by a rival tribe. This tribe then took me in and healed me and I was taught to be a healer in that lifetime. What she did not know was that it was that very same shoulder that was injured in this lifetime and has lead me to be a healer. You just can’t make this stuff up! I am constantly blown away by what Spirit brings to me and the synchronicities that come forth. It is truly amazing!

And now, I love working with The GATE Healing Method which is a simple, practical method of healing that delivers real results, that works with your body to release blockages and patterns that no longer serve you and that keep you from moving forward in your life. Your body holds the keys to living your desired life, it’s pretty amazing. I’m continually blown away as I assist my Clients in releasing old energies that hold them back and bring in new energy, to connect to their Higher Self and follow their Intuition. The difference I see in my clients after each session is inspiring. It is just so rewarding and I am so grateful to have been lead to this work.

The GATE Method Healing ModalityI also credit meditation for the continual growth and expansion that I experience. It is through meditation that I healed my rotator cuff tear. Meditation is the way to connect to your Higher Self, your Soul, to receive inspiration as to what is for your highest good as you travel your path in this life. I hold meditation groups where I assist my students to make this connection. I hold a safe space for them to connect to their innermost selves and travel out into the outer realms and receive guidance and healing.

I have become quite psychic along this journey. While working with my Clients I receive information that directs me right to what is needed most at that time. I have also started channeling. I am doing things I never thought possible for me. But once you open spiritually, you just keep on opening and expanding and that’s what it’s all about. Everything is Energy, that’s for sure. And it is truly amazing how when you understand energy and tap into it consciously, wonderful things can happen. You can create an amazing life.

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong

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