When a medical condition seems like a medical condition but, is really a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING

WOW, that’s a really long title. But, this is my truth of a spiritual awakening experience I had a few years ago. I shared this on my website back then. It didn’t carry over to this new site. Luckily I had a copy of this article and I am now able to share it here again on this site. It’s a strange experience and the sort of thing that can happen with Spiritual Awakening.

This is a pretty long post, but I’m hoping that it will help you to make sense of some weird happenings that you might be experiencing. I had written about it while it was all still fresh. 

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Here’s what happened those few days:

I know that this experience indicates a huge shift in my consciousness. Exactly what that is has yet to unfold, but I believe I am opening to receive clear communication from Spirit. There I said it. Most people would think I’m crazy. (side note, that’s exactly what it was, psychic expansion)

I actually had to hold myself back from self diagnosing as I spoke with my ER Doc yesterday, July 27th, 2014, as images of a straight jacket floated through my mind as I thought to tell them it’s all just part of my spiritual awakening. The medical world is opening up to Energy Work but it’s still in it’s beginning stages.

You see I spent the day in the ER. I was not worried as I feel no matter what the outcome, if it’s happening then it’s for my personal growth in some way. I thank my son Steele for being with me supporting me the whole day. 

Actually my whole family. My husband is in South Africa at the moment, we spent all day texting. My Parents, Sister and Brothers were right there for me all wanting to come to the ER. I managed to keep them all somewhat calm and remaining where they were. Except my youngest brother Rob who felt compelled to come and support my son as we awaited the outcome. 

I thank all of my family and just LOVE them so! I did not share what was happening with anyone else as I didn’t want anyone to worry and I knew I would be fine. Except for one of my cousin-in-laws as she is also on the same path as I am. She is a Nurse and she is having her own unusual happenings on her spiritual journey. And I was supposed to give her a GATE session that evening.

So, where to start… It all began with an experience when I was walking in my house and I had to sit on the ground as I didn’t trust myself walking. Out of no where my eyes felt like they were moving all around independently from each other. I couldn’t get my bearings and called my Husband and asked him if my eyes were rolling around in separate directions. 

He said NO you are looking straight into my eyes. I said NO! I’m not! My eyes are looking all over the place and both looking at in different directions. He assured me that my eyes were not moving. It took a while for that feeling to stop so that I could walk again.

That happened on the Friday night before my Husband left for South Africa for a Karate Tournament. A very strange occurrence and one that baffled the ER Doc as well as another Doc who works the ER and has seen the wierdest of things, also the Urgent Care Docs and anyone else I told about it. Except a few other Energy Healers that I know.    (see youtube video)

Next I started having pretty severe stomach pain…So now it’s Wednesday night and I’m woken up with really bad stomach cramping. I’ve had this happen a few times before. One time as I was clearing a lot of energy going through my Awakening your Light Body Course and another time when I asked to take my clients pain away from him by taking it on myself because I know how to clear my own energy. 

Well, that’s a real NO NO, I learned my lesson. It was a valuable one too, because as an Energy Healer we must not take on our clients “junk”, we need to be clear and maintain our own energy to ever be an effective healer, or facilitator of healing.

This time it was even stronger. I managed to sleep on and off somehow. Woke the next day and my insides felt like they had gone through the wringer. I felt beaten up inside, like I had been vomiting all night long and my muscles were so sore. I could only walk slowly. I still had the stomach pain or cramping, it’s hard to describe, but it was not as sever as it was during the night. I cancelled everything I had scheduled for that day and rested. The next day, Friday, I felt a bit better. I could move around a bit more freely. Thought I was getting better.

I was doing some work scheduling a guest for my Radio Show. The show is all about Spiritual Awakening. I mention my experience to my guest, RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello, a gifted Medium/Intuitive/Healer, of my eyes going crazy moving independently from each other and also the stomach pain.

Inter-dimensional Experience

This was her response to me:

“Yes you are clearing– embrace it and consciously release. You went inter-dimensional while you were conscious.  You were either partly out of your body and in another dimension (like we do when we are dreaming) or you were simultaneously in two dimensions.  I am curious as to what spurred this?  and the clearing?  what has been going on?  especially April May June of this year that you are experiencing such shifts?? and more importantly, what is your soul getting ready for!  That should be really exciting.”

Then a little bit later she emailed me again with this:

“I am listening to your recent radio show on “are we more than our bodies“…. this was the concept– what you experienced was the experiential!  how perfect… you talked about it and then got to experience it.  This also goes with the power of your law of attraction abilities– you think it you get it… how perfect. This lets you know you walk your talk woman”

Pretty cool right? So then on Saturday I was able to move around a bit better as the discomfort was going away. Only, I now realize that the pain is on my right side and so I thought hmmm…. what if it is my appendix? 

I didn’t want to be foolish and not check it out. I never go to the doc’s office. But I thought well maybe I should check this out. So I had my Son take me to an Urgent Care center to get checked out. They immediately ruled out appendix but thought more like gallbladder, maybe a stone, and suggested I go for an ultrasound during the week. And that was it. I went home continued to rest.

TRANSFORMATIONThen the next day, yesterday, things turned. I woke up feeling really good. Still had some soreness on my right side but I could walk freely and at a regular pace. I felt really good. I figured I was over whatever it was. Soooooo, I decided to go shopping. I drove over to the stores, went through Home Goods and got a few things. 

While I was on line and had a “hot flash” I believe. I get them now and then. I got a bit of clammy sweaty feeling, paid for my things and went to my car. I then drove across the street to go to Marshall’s. But, I parked my car and wasn’t sure I could actually go in. I started feeling a bit off. I even consulted my pendulum. It was telling me not to go in. Still I thought, well I think I can. Then I started feeling a bit more off, sort of dizzy.

So I thought I had better drive back home. I live about 10 minutes away from where I was. Now, the Urgent Care was a block away from where I was. But I didn’t think of going there. I did think maybe if I got something to eat I’d feel better. 

I turned into a strip mall where there is a McDonald’s, thought I’d grab something quick and eat it and then be able to drive home. But when I got in that parking lot about to go on line I got the message DON’T, just go home. 

So, I started to go home, called my Son so that I could speak to him as I drove. Started towards the Interstate (only a 2 lane parkway) as I was speaking to my Son this feeling was getting worse I knew I couldn’t drive. But now I was already getting onto the Parkway. So I kept talking to my Son as I got on and right off the parkway and back onto the road I was on before and over to the Urgent Care. I made it, and my Son was now on his way to meet me there. I walked in and told then I think I’m going to faint.

Next thing I know they want to send me to the ER at a local hospital.

I met with a Doctor at the Urgent Care and explained what had been happening. I also was having this weird feeling in my left hand during all of this. This time I tell the Doc about my weird eye experience of course leaving out the part that it’s part of my Spiritual Awakening. I didn’t want them to send me to the psych ward, hehehe. 

So since they could not make sense out of what I had been experiencing over the past week the Doc of course wanted to be safe and send me to the ER, oh and they gave me baby aspirin.

Did I mention that my blood work from the day before came back all normal. They gave me an EKG and that too was normal, blood pressure normal, etc. all normal. But of course the fact that I felt I was going to faint… not normal. They thought better safe than sorry. Still all the while I just had this knowing that I was OK and that this is all just part of some sort of clearing and for my Spiritual growth as an Energy Healer.

So, now Ambulance workers, (AWESOME people), another EKG, fine no problem, blood pressure, and the works along the ride over. Now I’m in the ER, again another EKG, blood work, blood pressure etc. all good. Except my oxygen level dropped and then went back up. I go through a Chest Xray and a Head CAT Scan. Doc doesn’t think it has anything to do with my gallbladder as was mentioned the day before. 

Later in the day I explain that I feel some discomfort on my right side near my ribs when I breath in. The Doc’s warning bells go off she orders new blood work worried about a blood clot in my lung. The blood comes back at 800 when normal is 500 and now I have to go for a Chest CAT Scan with Contrast.

My Inner Knowing… nothing to worry about, all is well.

During this time I didn’t worry. I knew that even if there turned out to be something there then it must be something to learn and grow from. I was calm. As I went for that CAT Scan I called on all my Guides and Angels and was just sending LoVe to everyone and everything. I had an amazing meditation during these days that was a strong message of LOVE. So this is what I worked with.

Over these days I had been giving myself Reiki, (pure love), and working with The GATE and I just knew I was OK and that this was all just part of my spiritual awakening as RoseMarie had confirmed for me just days before. 

And I forgot to say that when I was in the ER I pulled a Soul Coaching Oracle Card for myself it was… TRANSFORMATION. How perfect! So I knew all was well.

Be sure to check in with yourself and feel what is true for you. A truth will always make you feel light and a lie will feel heavy. Check in with yourself, trust your knowing, and always play it safe. If there is a true medical reason for your symptoms the Docs will find it. When they can’t, you pretty much confirm your inner knowing that it’s all just part of your Spiritual Awakening.

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong