LIGHT is LOVE – this is the key to HEALING

Arecent interview I had with MysticMag, have a look… You can view the article on the MysticMag website. They have lots of mini interviews with many Healers and people in the Energy World.

Why do you believe things happen at the right time and place?

Although I didn’t always fully understand this, I believe we come here with a plan, and nothing happens by coincidence. We are energy and we have Guides, Angels and Spirits that assist us and put things in our path that we don’t even realize we are orchestrating.

I believe that we come here to learn. We are creators so we are always wanting to expand and explore. I also believe in Karma and so feel that we come back to make up for what perhaps happened before, or to learn new approaches to life that were not mastered in the previous lifetime.

If we are able to shut off from our thoughts and past experience, we can actually hear and listen to our guides and all sorts of opportunities become possible. This is mostly the work that I do; releasing the person from whatever is blocking them from achieving their unlimited possibilities (and which can actually be created by themselves). When we recognize what we are – Pure LOVE – anything is possible.

How would you describe the Law of Attraction to our readers, and how has it played a role in your personal journey?

The Law of Attraction is what started my personal journey. It reawakened this understanding that we have the power to create, and that we are more than the effect of what happens around us. The Law of Attraction made me understand the principles of whatever you are sending out into the Universe is going to come back at you, just like a boomerang. However, it is the feeling that carries the effect, not the words that you use – the energy is what matters and what projects your true self and what you create. Believing makes it happen!

Even though I do this work, it is so easy to fall into looking at the lack of something or all the problems that the brain is telling us could get in the way, instead of dropping into the heart and feeling – “I am a creator, and I am worthy”. A lot of people do not believe they are worthy and often people have programs in their subconscious mind that won’t allow them to accept the gifts that come their way. I do a lot of work with people to clear these denser/heavier beliefs.

Raising vibrations, energetic expansion and spiritual enlightenment are just some of the gifts/tools that your clients walk away with. How do you navigate to get these results?

Light is LoveI am a lightworker and I bring in the light. I clear the denser and heavier energies that do not allow the light to come in. We have mental and energetic connections to EVERYTHING, including past experiences which may have made us form negative beliefs. I follow the guidance that comes through and clear whatever energies need to be cleared – and this could be any scenario from childhood, past lives, current situations….

Once I complete a clearing for my client, they feel lighter and everything else starts flowing. Pure LOVE is able to come in and then they can tap into anything they need as long as they are willing to give up believing only in what they can see, feel and touch. Only once we access and listen to the spiritual side of things are we able to make a decision and create something new.

Are all your healing treatments energy-based and driven?

Absolutely YES!

Which of the modalities you offer is the most sought after amongst your clients?

It is hard to say because I rarely follow the book and tend to blend all the modalities I work with. I follow the energy and in one session I might tap into certain aspects of all of them. However, if I had to pick one, I would say it is the GATE modality which works through the cells of the body and where we are working on something we want to manifest. If there is any resistance within the body, there will be symptoms – itchy skin, shooting pain, pressure – it could be anything of discomfort. When this resistance comes up, I clear it and then it leaves the body. It dissipates and then more light comes in.

Would you say that LOVE is LIGHT?

Absolutely. Love is light. Light is Love. Love is everything. We can heal anything we want simply by sending love to a particular area of our body, person or in whichever direction we need it to go.

I have a karate school and I tore my rotator cuff a long while ago. This is what brought me to this kind of healing. I was on the verge of having the surgery but a voice inside me was telling me that I could heal myself. I refused surgery. I meditated on that feeling of love we have with a small kitten, or with our children for example, and in a very small nutshell, I meditated daily and sent that love to my shoulder. Within two months, I was completely cured.

We are so capable of using this beautiful energy to cure ourselves and others. We just need to have faith and believe and trust in light and love.

Sending LOVE is the easiest thing to do!

SENDING LOVE ENERGYThat’s right, sending LOVE is very easy to do. I have seen strangers mood completely change as I send them love. The more you do this the more you will see that it absolutely has an effect. Send love to any situation in your life. Send love to an area of the world. Send love just for the fun of it. There is never wasted love. If the person you send to is not receptive to recieving it, the love will just find it’s way to someone who is. It is pure magic. Here is a quick video I did on how to send love. Enjoy!   HOW TO SEND LOVE TELEPATHICALLY

I hope that you enjoyed this article. I would love for you to leave me questions and comments. I always reply to the comments. Also, I would love to know what you would like me to write about for future articles. We are all awakening to our true nature and going through MANY changes as we do. If you need any help along the way just let me know.

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong