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Energy healing can help at many levels of your being.


Heal & Clear Your Blocks to Joy, Success and Fulfillment!

Experience different types of energy healing modalitiesLife, work and relationships can be easy to manage until life’s little problems arise.

Your mind, body and spirit can all suffer the consequences. I can help you prioritize and process each problem in a rational order that makes sense to you. We will take a look at your struggles, pains, fears, and where you feel stuck and unable to move forward.

With the different types of energy healing modalities and techniques I employ I will  intuitively assist you in releasing and removing the negative energetic forces that are the source of your grief, pain, depression, worries, doubts, fears, etc.


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What Is Energy Healing?

In general terms, Energy Healing is the process of identifying and clearing blocks within the energy field so that you are able to function from a more well-grounded, clear and empowered place while deepening the connection between body, mind and spirit.

Energetic blocks are typically defined as: emotions,  traumas,  programming (both heredity as well as past experiences of the soul),  self-limiting beliefs/habits/patterns, and an accumulation of others’ issues that are internalized

It’s very common for us to store these blocks within our bodies/minds and energy system.

As we amass these “energies” throughout our lives, we can become depressed, confused, sad, feel out of control, feel low in energy or motivation, develop fears and overall behaviors that limit our full potential. By removing blocks through energy healing, pathways to self-empowerment and peace are opened and the healing will take form.



It is a person’s chronic mental and emotional reactions that are the primary source of energy disturbances, which have a direct affect on the comfort and health of the physical body. Repetitive patterns of thoughts and feelings regarding the events in your life when not released from your energetic field will eventually create dis-ease in the body.

When an event is unacceptable or threatening to us, our mental and emotional energy fields become disturbed, inharmonious, chaotic, and congested. This disturbed energy negatively affects the tissues and organs of the physical body, leading to physical discomfort and the potential for dis-ease.

Energy Healing can facilitate the permanent release of negative, habitual mental and emotional reactions to events, which chronically disrupt the healthy flow of energies within and to the body, mind, spirit system.

If mental, emotional or physical discomfort and health problems have plagued you for too long, you can utilize energy healing to get immediate relief and also to make permanent changes for the better in your health and the quality of your life.

Ready to Heal & Clear Your Mind Body & Spirit?

Need someone to keep you focused on manifesting your desired life? Your in the right place. I would love to work with you to clear your blocks and assist you in creating a whole new reality!
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Linda Armstrong

Through energy healing, personal development, managing energetic forces and with self-awareness we will focus on how you deal with life when you hit one of those bumps in the road. Through the energy work we do you will find you are no longer the effect of things that pop up in your life. Instead of a huge crisis, you will find that you can quickly deal with problems as they arise and move on to the next thing effortlessly and without a lot of fuss. You will learn how to manage your own energy and increase your ability to stay in your peace no matter what is occurring around you.

Part of self-awareness is recognizing your strengths and using them to deal with the confrontations and challenges of daily life, and recognizing weaknesses so that we can shift them into strengths. I will assist you in learning what it is that is causing the problem so that it may be released immediately.

With The EMOTION CODE®, The BODY CODE®, The BELIEF CODE®, and GATE Healing Method I will assist you in identifying self-limiting beliefs and ridding yourself of all those things that keep pulling you off course, and stopping you from succeeding, from reaching your goals and making real change in your life.

Every person has a unique skill set. Because there is no universal formula that works for everyone, it is important to work with someone to guide you to find what will bring about the most positive change for you. Through my experience as an Energy Coach and Healer, I want to be that guide for you. I would love to help take you through the steps to become a better, more amazing, version of yourself.

BEST OF ALL… The Healing Work that I do is really more like a MANIFESTING TOOL. Yes, it’s quite amazing. By releasing the energy that has been holding you back I then work with you in formulating a desire and setting up your energy field to create it in your life. This is why I LOVE WHAT I DO! It’s all about manifesting the life you LOVE living.

Linda Armstrong is a Master Certified Law of Attraction  Life Coach and provides individual Transformation Life Coaching, Certified Energy Healing via The Body Code®, The Emotion Code® & The GATE Method, as well as Guided Meditation and Personal Development Services  to some or all of the following local areas: Tenafly New Jersey, Englewood New Jersey, Bergenfield New Jersey, Cresskill New Jersey, Piermont New York, Tappan New York and Nyack New York.

Services are also available via phone conferencing and/or video conferencing for clients outside our local area