You don’t have to do it all alone, seek an EXPERT.

Seek an Expert, such simple advice that is oh so powerful. Asking for help is not easy for most people. Especially when it has to do with an emotional problem or situation. We tend to think that we can fix it. We’ll just get through it. And many times it’s just ignored for a time. BUT, if it is not dealt with it will only come back.

Even though I am an Expert and assisting people to release the subconscious programming that hold them back… I can’t always do it for myself. It is not easy to see your own “stuff”. I too have my own Coach/Healer that helps me uncover my own blocks.

In the video I speak to how it doesn’t even need to be “an Expert” just asking for help from anyone, a friend, a relative, a complete stranger can help you to uncover more of what is going on for you. This will get the healing process started. Although, I believe it is best to find an Energy Healer who is also an experienced Life Coach. Energy healing adds the magic to the transformation for it is how the blocks get released and transformed.

I’ll make it real easy for you to seek and expert, you can connect with me 😊

I’d love the opportunity to help you uncover and clear what’s holding you back. There’s nothing that lights me up more than when I am helping my Clients to bring in more LIGHT. Light is Love and Love heals ALL.

The really good news is that all of what holds us back in life is simply subconscious programming. And in many ways, that’s a good thing. BECAUSE… subconscious programming can be rewritten!!!  YAY!

I have included in this article a Brain Entrainment audio that will assist you to write a new program that will support you right now. There is a link below. No email needed, just download and start reprogramming.

Thank you LOA Today Podcast for this inspiration…

So, I had created this seek an expert video included above last Friday before my LOA Today Podcast where I Co-Host with Walt Thiessen. He puts on a new podcast every Monday through Friday. I happen to be the Friday Co-Host. (4:00pm EST) You can also watch us live on YouTube and post your questions to be answered on the show.

Anyway, we got onto the topic of rewriting old programs and Walt was sharing one of Neville Goddard’s experiences with a client. Neville explained to this woman that all she needs to do is to imagine what she wants to create in her life by dreaming up stories of living her desires before she fell asleep each night.  I’m not sure if Neville explained that the time right before falling asleep is when we are at a very suggestible brain wave, the Theta Brainwave. 

We are in the Theta Brainwave right before falling asleep and as we wake up each morning. It’s a very hypnotic state so you can reprogram your subconscious by doing this.  I’m going a bit off topic from the video, but I want to share this with you.

This woman said that there was so much that she wanted to create in her life that she couldn’t imagine all of it before falling asleep. So, Neville suggested that she make up a mantra that would somehow include it all.  


I thought “WOW, how perfect”. 

So I made a recording of this mantra for myself. It repeats 108 times which adds so much power to manifesting. I want to share that recording with you,  just click to download. Or, create your own. Make up a mantra that is perfect for you. 

I added this mantra to a playlist of mine that has a few more mantras that really support me. When going to sleep I put on earbuds and have the playlist set to repeat. I know that these programs are being learned by my subconscious mind.

So, to sum it up a bit. YES, seek an Expert, get the help you need. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Especially if you don’t know how to clear the energy of old programs. This is what I am an expert at and what really lights me up. I would love the opportunity to assist you in moving forward transforming your life. 

After all, I am the Love My Life Coach.

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong



ps.  I want to also share this perfectly simple 6 minute video of Bruce Lipton speaking about how our subconscious programming is created in our first 7 years of life. If you are not aware of this fact then be sure to watch the video. It’s eye opening!