Light is LOVE, and light heals ALL things.

Please excuse the audio quality of this video. The energy was flowing really strong and seems to have interfered with the sound. I always just record whatever wants to come through. I don’t have a script and I don’t rehearse. I didn’t want to try to have this message come through again as it would feel forced to me.

I often speak about how Spirit lead me to being a Healer. I had never imagined I would be doing what I do today… energy healing! Somehow I followed the messages and guidance that was coming to me without consciously being aware. During the process I did awaken to the truth of our existence and the power that comes with it.

Now I work with Spirit, I channel Spirit in my Healing Sessions and I follow the guidance that comes through. I do this in my personal life as well. BUT, it’s not always easy. The ego mind and past experiences and limiting beliefs can pull me right out of the flow.

Fortunately I am aware of when I get pulled off track and I make a decision to flip the energy around and ask Spirit for help. The answers and solutions will come in as soon as I get out of my own way. It’s all about surrender.

As I speak I received a download to give to you of what it feels like to surrender to Spirit and follow the guidance that comes and know that you always come out on top.

My desire is that you feel the energy that was flowing and you receive the downloaded Belief that come through.

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Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong