Why is Energy Healing so important?

Do you know about Energy Healing? Are you aware that you carry energy in your system that may be blocking you from the things you want to create in your life? Do you know the harmful effects of stress on your Body, Mind and Spirit?

Are you tired of feeling like you just can’t create the things you want in Life? Like you keep hitting a wall? Do you feel like nothing that you do is working? Are there patterns that keep repeating in your life? Do you feel stuck, disconnected, like things just don’t go your way? Energy Healing is for you!


Do you know that you carry energy ties; connections to everything and everyone? The good the bad and the ugly, all of it. It has an effect on the life you live. Are you aware of the power of the energy connected to your thoughts? Are you even aware of your thoughts? Do you know which beliefs are limiting you?

All really good questions!!!

The good news is that with Energy Healing you can uncover all of these answers and release the negative energy that is holding you back.

The truth is that you are an Energy Being. Everything we know of is made of energy which has an effect in your whole system and within the cells of your body.  There are hidden forces that drive you, in good and bad directions. When you are not aware of your energy you don’t realize that you can work with it to live a better life. We can enhance the good and rid the bad.

You are energy that lives in a body. It’s like your body is the vehicle that you navigate the planet with, and just as the car that you drive needs a tune up now and then, so does your body. Energy Healing is the body’s tune-up.

When you don’t regularly tune up your body and ignore those little symptoms that tell you it’s time for a tune up, the little symptoms grow and grow. You then find yourself feeling stuck, loosing enthusiasm for the things that you once enjoyed. Or maybe you ignored your energy long enough that you now have illness in your body.

This can sneak up on you when you aren’t aware of the fact that you are energy living in a body. It seems that most people are just not aware of this concept. I remember the first time someone told me that my body was just a pretty package that contained the truth of me. Which is that I am Spirit. AND that my Spirit is eternal. It never dies. Just the body dies and then I can come into a new one if I choose. WOW, was that an eye opener!

That was probably the beginning of my Spiritual Growth. It was a long time ago, close to 30 years ago. And since then I have been growing spiritually and am now an Energy Healer. I never thought I would be doing this work when I was a young child.  I wasn’t aware of energy healing then. However I was always an uplifter, that is my nature.

You are Spirit living in a body.

So being aware that you are Spirit and that you may have (definitely have) lived before, you start to become aware that you may be repeating patterns that you picked up long, long ago. My reason for telling you this is that many times it doesn’t make sense to you why something is occurring or not occurring in your life. We can’t remember our past lives without some assistance. And really we don’t need to in order to release the energy that was brought over to this life.

We also don’t remember or even make sense of the things that we picked up as young children in this lifetime. As a young child you pick up the energy of those around you and take it into yourself. You make decisions based on your understanding of the things happening around you. This all in the mind of a young child that may not fully understand what is going on around them but still comes to some conclusions as to what it all means. And it has an effect.

Of course there are those things that we do recall clearly. People, places, events, that had a huge effect on us that were not good experiences. Since everything is energy, we build energy connections, cords and ties, to these things. They stay with us and also have an effect on all that we do. And again they don’t necessarily make sense. Most times we can’t connect the dots as to why something that happened long ago is effecting us today.

The good news is that it can all be cleared with Energy Healing! Click this image to get my Manifesting with Love Energy Healing Session to release beliefs around LOVE that block your way to manifesting your dreams..

This is what I love to assist my Clients to discover through the Energy Work that I do. You can release this energy. You will feel it as it leaves your body. It’s really quite magical. When you release the old, stuck energy you make room for good energy to come into your body… pure positive energy. You can feel this too. You may find that your body feels lighter. As if a weight has been lifted. You feel a shift in your energy, things look brighter, your vision seems sharper, clearer. You just feel great!

You will re-energize your whole system… body, mind & spirit. Your body will fill with the pure love energy of this Universe. God energy, Ki, Chi, Prana. It goes by many names, but it is all the same. It is the energy of life. Life force energy will refuel your whole entire system. You can then go forth having reclaimed your power to heal and create with ease.

And best of all, with the Energy Work I do, I can assist you in manifesting what it is that you do want to create in your life. You release what has been holding you back and you then set yourself up to create what you desire. As you do this you become more connected to your intuition. You find that you receive inspiration as to how to create your desires and you begin to take inspired action. You’re no longer forcing things to be. No longer ignoring what you don’t like. Instead you are clearing out the old and bringing in the new. Magic starts to take place in your life.

If this article has brought up questions for you please ask me in the comments section below or send me a message. I would love to carry this conversation further. And if you are ready to re-energize yourself click here to schedule an appointment.

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong