SURRENDER – So hard to do, yet, so rewarding.

I believe our truest nature is one of being in a constant state of surrender. Trusting and allowing our experience to unfold exactly as we intended before entering into this lifetime.

For me, this has been very hard to do. Even with all I have learned and know to be true, it’s still not easy.

Having spent most of my life “doing” to “make things happen” which I can’t lie, has created lots of good stuff for me. BUT, it always comes down to the energy behind the doing.

I have manifested lots of good things in my life. As I look at these things and pay attention to what my energy was like during those times I can clearly see that I was highly motivated, eager and never doubting the outcome. My vibration was high and I just knew I could do it. This was so easy to do in my younger years.

As I grew older and had taken on more responsibility in my life, the doubt and fear began to creep in. Especially because I was not only creating for me, but for my family. OH BOY, those low vibrations of doubt and fear will put the breaks on your manifesting abilities.

As I look back I can easily prove this thing of VIBRATION. The way in which you vibrate is the way in which you manifest. No doubt about it!

This is why I am always speaking to Living in a HIGH VIBRATION.

When we are open and clear and going with the flow of inspiration, things just fall right into place. Think about this in your own life.

I’ve had a tough past TWO YEARS learning how to surrender to Spirit.

When my Sister passed away at only 51 from Breast Cancer it spiraled me down to a deep dark place. I began to question everything. I began to fear getting sick and dying. I began to look at most everything through the lens of fear and doubt.

My Sister appeared to be beating the crap out of Cancer for years, now in her second bout.

But, Cancer took her. This happened over a span of just 9 days! We were all in shock and disbelief because she was doing well for so long.

Looking back and through the lens of my Soul, I know why it had to be that way for her.

I totally believe she planned it this way on her Soul level. She needed to leave in such a quick manner. She was never going to let Cancer slowly eat away at her, she was strong and looked really healthy right up to these last days. She never wanted to be seen as weak and sickly.

And knowing that we always come back with the same Soul group, I know that I must have also planned my “dark night of the soul” experience to be was triggered by her death.

I know now that this was meant to really strengthen my desire to help  people overcome their perceived limits and reconnect to their own Soul’s wisdom and power.

It hasn’t been easy, but so much clarity has come from all of this experience. And the purpose of it all has been to teach me about SURRENDER.

I am still learning. I still fall back a few steps now and then but always emerge so many more steps forward when I actually surrender.

This is a time of Great Awakening.

We are all letting go of old programs, patterns, and beliefs that have held us back from knowing just how amazing and powerful we humans are. The more we surrender, the easier the process becomes.

This is what I help people with every day as a Healer and Coach. It is so much easier to go through this process of letting go and expanding our consciousness with outside help. I am so grateful for my own coach, she can see things that I can’t always tap into. It’s not always easy to see your own “stuff”.

I will write more about what I have been experiencing and learning. But, for right now, I just want you to work with surrendering your fears and doubts and step into TRUSTING and ALLOWING that you have a team in Spirit guiding you. You will always land on your feet if you just allow the LOVE to guide you and say NO to the fear.

I wish you much LOVE, PEACE and JOY,

Linda Armstrong