And, who’s to say that your not a Super Hero.

Y ou have a Super Power which makes you a Super Hero, that’s what I want to talk about today. Expanding yourself from the heart (inside-out) is the super power that creates everything that you want in life.

Saying NO to Fear and Yes to LOVE is how you become your true self and have access to all that magic that you are and to your own inner super power to manifest what you want in life.

Your job now is to move beyond the collective agreement of fear, a fear based reality. It’s just an agreement that you have been taught to believe is real.

I say all this because I know what I feel as I work with my clients. When I work with my clients I channel pure love, and what’s really funny is that when I formed my LLC many years ago and called it Pure Love Energy, I didn’t know what that really meant at the time. 

It was just part of the guidance that I received. I seem to receive things that I think I have an understanding of, only to realize once I do have a deeper understanding that what I had previously thought wasn’t the full truth.

OK, so, what I am being shown these days is this whole movement from fear to LOVE.  And each day I am learning that in a deeper and deeper way.

The Divine Self is pure love, is not bound by history, it lives in the moment and in full love. It doesn’t even need to see the future. The Divine Self knows that as it remains true, meaning in the energy of love, which is all it can be, then only good can create.

When you connect to the energy of the divine all things are possible and miracles occur. Tiny miracles and big miracles. There is no difference, it’s just whatever is in resonance with LOVE.

As a Super Hero, your super power is LOVE

While working with my Clients I am swimming in this vibration of LOVE and I am expanded within this energy where it’s almost like I don’t know where I begin and end. You may feel that when you meditate. It’s an expanded space that is filled with love and peace. It is your Super Power.

Having said that, I can’t hold that space in my every minute of every day. I have not graduated to that level of awareness. And I don’t know that I ever will. But I do know that I can pop in and out of it. Most of the time it sort of happens on its own. Especially as I have done so much work on myself to release old stories patterns and programs.

And I can also say that I can now have gratitude for the times when I am so not in the energy of LOVE and back into the fear space for I know that it is teaching me by example how I can help more and more people move away from fear and into love.

This Super Power is what releases you from FEAR.

There is a purpose for all things. With awareness and finding our way to LOVE we can move through these lessons with more ease and eventually with pure joy. 

It really is all about moving away from or out of the 3D dense reality and into the 5D light reality.  Dense is fear, Light is LOVE.

As you get good at sensing your own vibration you empower yourself to move into your super power of LOVE.

We create our own reality. Everything is a choice. OWN IT and see how things shift in your life. See how you can learn to LOVE YOUR LIFE. And if you need help with that contact me. for this is what I do!

I will end this with a few simple questions…

What if you are exactly where you need to be?

What if that was true?

Give gratitude for simply BEING and welcome the learning “through the eyes of wonder”  See if you can tap into your Inner Child to when everything was an adventure and allow your Super Power of LOVE to rise to the surface.

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong