Are you aware that you have limiting beliefs that are standing in your way from living life to it’s fullest?

And did you know that these limiting beliefs can be easily uncovered and cleared?

While watching this video and preparing to bust through your limiting beliefs, I ask that you be sure to have paper, pen and water available for when we do the belief testing.

But first a few questions to ponder…

Do you feel like you keep hitting a wall stopping you from manifesting your desires?

Do you feel like law of attraction and other personal development techniques work for everyone else, but not for you?

And is there a voice in your head telling you that you are not good enough, it can’t happen?

And who’s voice is that anyway?

All this negativity, It’s all energy that comes from outside of yourself that you have picked up over your lifetimes. The truth is that you are pure love and you are a natural born creator, it’s your nature to create, it’s what we come here for. What I know, is that you are pure love energy, you were born as the love that you are. You are born exuding love. Have you ever looked at a baby and thought, “I hate that baby” No, NEVER!

That’s because you are love, you were born as love and you still are that very same love. It’s only life experience that has pulled you away from this truth. And as that baby, you didn’t worry about if you will be fed, you didn’t worry about being cleaned, about being clothed, about being warm, etc. Everything you needed came to you. There was no worry, no fear, no doubt, only LOVE, and all your needs were met.

As you grew a little older you started to give your power away to the “bigger” people. Parents, teachers, doctors, media, all those outside voices. And all of those outside voices are just perpetuating the belief patterns and energetic programs that were dumped on them and now onto you. And this goes back to past lives. A lot of what stops us now comes from another time and place. It’s all in the past, it’s not happening right here right now. It’s just patterns, programs and beliefs operating in your subconscious.

Much of what triggers us now is triggered because there is a history along our entire existence BUT the good news is that it is all happening for our personal growth. Yup, image that.

I think most people drawn to watch this webinar understand this, that there is a purpose to all things. But we need not hold onto this energy that is no longer serving us. It’s purpose has passed. And so this is why Energy Healing is so very important. We need to keep our energy clean and clear releasing what no longer serves us.

We are spiritual beings living in a body upon this magnificent Earth. Our bodies are the vehicles that we navigate this planet through. So, Compare your body to the automobile that drives you around, your car need a tune up now and then to operate in optimal condition. Same is true for your body.

It’s when we don’t care for our energy field that dis-ease comes into the body. By regularly clearing the energy that is causing upset in your system you then can go onto living a happy healthy LIFE full of love. Love is the highest energy there is, when you keep the lower energies clear and clean you can easily hold the energy of love and go on to manifest a life you love.

Manifesting is easy when you can maintain a high vibration.

So, first in the webinar I will teach you how to muscle test yourself for beliefs that are blocking you. You can use this technique at anytime to connect to your Higher Self and receive insight. Then I’m going to have you ask yourself some statements to see if you hold any of these beliefs, AND I want you to make a note of the ones you have. The ones that you need to clear. And then I will do some clearings for you to release the beliefs. This will include downloads of feelings and programs that you are missing. After that I will have you retest yourself.

This is part of what I do in one on one sessions with my clients, Although in a session I will tune into my Clients energy field and I will be lead as to where to go that will most benefit my client at that time. It’s very intuitive and very individual process.

I’ve chosen some very common beliefs for this webinar. Everyone here will have different circumstances that created the belief and which will bring up more to be cleared. I look at it like I am peeling away the layers of an onion, the more I clear the deeper we can go to reach that pearl within. As energy is cleared it often times brings more to the surface to be cleared. And this is why transformation takes time.


The Law of Attraction works for me
It’s easy for me to manifest my desires
I deserve the very best life has to offer
There is enough for everyone
I am good enough to get what I want
I am confident in my manifesting abilities
I must suffer to be successful
Success comes easily to me
Life is a struggle
I have faith in myself and my future

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Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong