Love really does heal all.

The way to live an awesome life is to bring love to everything you do and to send it to everyone you know. You only need to get out of your head and drop down into your heart and let the magic unfold. I call that magic, MOJO. It’s that magical power within that is LoVe. And that love is connected to everything that exists both in the physical and the nonphysical…
Create your life from Love.
By being in your loving energy you are directly linked to your Soul. Ego steps to the side and the wisdom and knowledge and playfulness and joy of your Soul will flow to you and through you.

When this happens you feel awesome, you are totally in the flow, or in the zone, I like to use the word flow. It just feels right. Whatever you are doing feels right. It feels like it fits without even trying. There is no effort you just are. In fact you can’t slow it down it starts flowing and wants to keep going and going and that is what is so beautiful. You get to experience your truth. You are love. You can feel it. At these times of flowing your mojo there is not a single consideration of anything wrong, there is no doubt, there is no fear, no worry. There is only Joy and you feel it in your whole body. You feel it in every cell.

This is how I feel when I give healing sessions or meditation groups. It’s like something takes over and things just flow. The words are right there for me. The ideas and concepts just drop in. The healing energy of love just flows. I am totally out of the way and allowing it to flow.

The flip side of that is trying to make everything work well. When I get into my trying mind I will get stuck, I will second guess myself, I will wonder if people will get what I am saying. All of that energy keeps me stuck in trying. Trying to get it right so that I can share it with someone in some way.

You might notice if you read my blog often that I write as I speak and whatever thought pops in comes out. There is a jumping off place like the title of this post but where it will go, I have no idea. And sometimes I read back what I wrote and I see that it went off in a different direction. I sometimes try to make it make sense but most time I don’t. AND actually, from this writing on I will just let it be, always! I am officially getting out of my own way.

That has been something I’ve had to work on. Thinking that I don’t know enough or that I don’t use proper grammar when writing or wondering if people will get me. All of that is blocking my flow.

Soul, Spirit and LoVe!

I choose now to always let it flow with my connection to Spirit and to my Soul and while consciously being in my true energy of LoVe. This is what I do in healing sessions and it feels amazing. Sometimes there is so much love flowing that I feel my body can’t hold it and I am overwhelmed with tears of joy and love. This is a truly amazing feeling. That healing energy of love is flowing to my Client and they are feeling it, big time. It’s really cool.

We can all access that feeling. We can all allow Spirit to flow so fully through us. As we consciously connect to this energy of love and allow the flow, the energy spills out into the entire Universe. The more we ALL connect to this energy and allow it to flow freely the more healing and light comes to our world. As this energy builds within each of us there will be no room for all the lower energies of fear, doubt, worry, hate and the like, it won’t have a place to be.

So, the message here today is to make the decision to drop into your heart every chance you get. Especially when you are feeling far from it. Just do it, just connect to your loving heart, you will see changes occur in your life. Healing will come in wherever it is needed.

Play with this and see how you feel for yourself,

Linda Armstrong