Follow these 5 steps to Love yourself more and love your life more.

You can begin to bring more love into your life. I know that many people struggle with loving themselves. This makes me sad. We are all love and deserving of love. It is because of this truth, that we are love, you can uncover the love within. It all starts within. No matter what has happened in the past, today is a new day, a day to begin to love yourself more.

In this video I speak about the 5 steps listed below. Within each step I also do some energy clearing of limiting beliefs and also download beliefs and patterns that will support you in bringing more love to your life.

Step One, Embrace your Uniqueness.
Step Two, Let your Inner Child Play.
Step Three, Quiet the Negative Mind Chatter.
Step Four, Tune into your Heart.
Step Five, Connect to Spirit.

You number one job in life is to Love Yourself MORE.

The reality is that you cannot expect to receive love from those outside of yourself if you don’t first love yourself. For real love, lasting love to be present in your life you need to be vibrating to the high energy of love. It’s an inside job that reflects outwardly and then draws to you that which you have sent out. It’s Law of Attraction in a nutshell. The energy you send out is the energy you will receive.

You want to work with and through the energy of love in everything that you do. It is reflected in your relationships, your work, your hobbies, your pets, your home, the environment, etc. Everything is made up of energy. When you continually love yourself more you see wonderful things appear in your life.

Love yourself more to bring more LIGHT to your life.

Love is Light. The more love you give yourself the more light and free and easy your life becomes. It has to. The lower energies just can’t be present when you hold the high vibration of love.  Play with this, work with each of the steps I speak about and take notice. I know it will create huge shifts for you.

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Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong