The Earth is one of many planets and stars that make up the Universe. Our bodies are one of the many living things on the Earth. Our bodies are made up of many cells and particles of energy that make up the whole.  Absolutely everything that exists is made up of tiny particles. These particles are energy. And all of it has the ability to change…

The world that is made up of particles of energy.

 When you broaden your perspective of all that is in existence and look at it with new eyes which acknowledge that it is all, absolutely all, made of tiny particles of energy that make up everything that we can see, feel and touch and what we can’t see. Because Spirit too, is energy only just not in a form that we can see, (well not many of us can) or feel (actually we can all feel spirit) or touch (don’t think any of us can do that, at least not with our physical hands). It’s all energy, all of it.

So if you get that, then you can understand how if it is all made up of energy it can all be changed. It’s really pretty obvious. Nothing ever stays the same.

What I am attempting to get across is that you are energy, you live among energy, and you can create change in your life by changing the energy you hold. Your physical body is energy, your thoughts are energy, your imagination carries energy.

Everything is Energy!

You probably are aware that you can create new realities for yourself by changing your thoughts and the energy you attach to your thoughts. But what about the energy you hold in your system that you cannot define? What about that?

What about when you are doing all the work. You are changing your thoughts, your are imagining new realities that you wish to live. You are applying the many techniques you were taught about manifesting, but you keep hitting a wall. Something keeps stopping you. You can’t put your finger on it to explain it but you feel it. Something is stopping you. Well, that too is energy. It’s an energy block that is keeping you stuck.

We all experience this, even us energy healers. Only because we are so aware of energy we can work to release that stuck energy and it doesn’t need to be defined. It just needs to be released.

If what I am writing here resonates with you. Like, you feel that there is something to these words that makes sense on some level. Well, then I invite you to schedule an energy healing session with me and see for yourself how good if feels to release the blocks that hold you back. You don’t even have to psycho analyze any of it for it to release.

It is quite amazing,

Linda Armstrong