How to release NEGATIVE ENERGY in under 5 minutes

This is a very quick and easy way to release negative energy.

This is my favorite quickie energy clearing process. It’s gets you into that quiet meditative space, connecting to your innermost self to release heavy energy and bring in more light.

This Energy Healing process to Release Negative Energy can be done at any time and anywhere. It’s especially nice to do in the shower, a great Spiritual Cleansing. Negative Energy can easily release from your whole system as you follow the process as I describe in this video.

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Energy Healing to release Negative Energy

PLUS, I would love your suggestions of what you would like to see me cover on a new video. Let me know what you struggle with and I will shoot a video to help you through and bring in more LIGHT.
It’s all about living your life in the high vibration of Light and Love. This is your ticket to manifesting more of what you want in your life.     Watch the video!

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Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong




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