Releasing Doubt and Limitation

I received a message from Spirit that guided me to start creating some energy healing session videos to share with people so that they can release what is holding them back and have an easier time of shifting into higher vibrations as we all go through this Great Awakening.

So, I took that message and ran with it. I’ve included here the first of these energy healing session videos for you to enjoy. Subscribe to my blog from the sidebar so that you can receive notice as soon as I post another session. I plan to create one of two of these each week.

I have listened to this first session a few times already. I really enjoy it. There is a process that comes through as I channel the healing that you can use everyday to not only bring more love to your life, but to share it with the world.  I actually created a video a few weeks back that is all about saying NO to fear and YES to love and speaks all about healing the world with LOVE.

It’s a process of helping yourself while helping others at the same time. And it is soooooooo easy to do. Watch the video and you will feel it for yourself.

Sense EnergyEspecially for those who are not sure they are sensing energy. We ALL sense energy, we are energy, but some people haven’t tuned into themselves in this way so they are not yet aware of their own ability to sense and know energies around them.

This energy healing session will help you to become more aware. Possibly the next of these healing session videos will be to clear what blocks you from sensing and knowing energy, hmmmm, sounds good!

If you enjoy this energy healing session please leave me a comment below. I would love to have your testimony to your experience. It not only helps you by acknowledging your experience but it also helps others to know what is possible for them too.

I love you and I send you tons of peace, love & light,

Linda Armstrong