Clear what's blocking you from waking up each day feeling happy and eager to move forward manifesting a life you LOVE.
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Want to breakthrough all that is keeping you stuck? Would you like to tap into the unlimited possibilities, knowing your purpose, achieving your goals and loving your life? You are in the right place!
I help people bring more LIGHT into their life.

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Linda Armstrong Certified Transformation Life Coach and Energy Healer


Are You Ready to Step Into the Power of Spirit to Heal your Life?

It’s time to STOP carrying around all that junk that keeps you from following your dreams and loving your life. The way to happiness is to peel away all the layers of hurt, shame, guilt, fear, doubt and worry. Let go of the negativity you hold about yourself. This is what I do. I clear and transform energy!

If you are having trouble feeling love for any aspect of your life, get energy healing. Free yourself to be yourself, you deserve it!

Keep it simple, work with Spirit

I’d love to work with you to release the patterns and energetic blocks that are keeping you from living a Happy, Healthy, Love filled Life! I can assist you to rid yourself of any trauma and past experience that you can’t seem to let go of. All those subconscious thoughts that tell you that you are not good enough.

Start living an inspired life, re-energized, knowing what it is you are here for and going for it! Allowing your connection to Spirit and all the support that comes with it to assist you in manifesting all that you want.

As a Master Certified Law of Attraction Transformation Life Coach and Energy Healer, we will work together to re-energize your mojo, that magical power-with-in that is always guiding you, wanting to get your attention. With that deep connection to the very center of yourself, you will create a life you LOVE living!

“I clear subconscious programming so you can step into your full potential to create a life you love” ~ Linda Armstrong


Ready to Heal & Clear Your Mind Body & Spirit?

Need someone to keep you focused on manifesting your desired life? Apply today to be on my Waiting List for a One on One, 3 or 6 Month, Coaching/Healing Package! (availability is limited)
Learn more about Coaching/Healing with Linda

Get my Mini INSTANT Healing Session to clear TEN Common Limiting Beliefs that keep you from reaching your goals and living your best life (Even if you have no clue what’s blocking you!)

This 30 minute video healing session will release negative, heavy energy and bring in more LIGHT!
Stop allowing limiting beliefs to run your life. Free yourself to be yourself… 


Energy Healing

Ready to Heal & Clear Your Mind Body & Spirit?

Need someone to keep you focused on manifesting your desired life? Apply today to be on my Waiting List for a One on One, 3 or 6 Month, Coaching/Healing Package! (availability is limited)
Learn more about Coaching/Healing with Linda


Transformational Life Coaching

Grow Mindset Law of Attraction Transformation Coach

I am proud to have been included in this very Inspirational Book

This book is filled with real life stories from Law of Attraction Coaches and Healers who have worked with Law of Attraction to manifest wonderful things into their lives. I have TWO of my own stories included.  It’s a great illustration of applying the LOA principals and techniques and receive AWESOME outcomes.

I’m sure you will find it extremely uplifting and inspiring!

Get your copy here!

You can also join me on the LOA Today Podcast every Friday at 4pm EST with this link:

Lia C. dumont, NJ“Linda is pure, positive love and energy with a gift to share these gifts and her understanding of them moves and guides you to know your true self and create your best life. I have made many positive changes in my life and continue to do so with Linda’s help and spirit.”


Maria T.. ramsey, NJ“Shout out to Linda as a true inspiration and very talented at what she does. She is very intuitive and her positive methods of teaching (as a life coach) can motivate anyone to change their life. Her guided meditations are both spiritual and inspiring as to what we can all achieve out of our lives!!!! Thanks Linda for sharing your positive energy.”


Thank you! I really feel better after I see you! I have done many different things in the past but your healing sessions really resonate with me. I know nothing is a quick fix and I appreciate your patience as I work thru my layers. I appreciate your non judgment and sincerity. To be honest, therapists have told me to do things but I have never “done” them. But since the first moment I met you, I naturally took your advise. For example, read the books you recommend, write in a journal as you suggested, focus on manifesting as you advised. I think it’s because you are so pure and genuine in your intentions on top of being a gifted healer, your clients feel safe and the energy flows! Thank you for helping me. It’s been such an interesting journey. I know I will continue to get Better! 😊

Natalie K. Alpine, NJ


Insights From an Intuitive Energy Healer & Transformation Life Coach

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Linda Armstrong Certified Energy Healer & Transformational Law of Attraction Energy Coach

Change your life through transformation of all that is holding you back. Make the shift from fear, doubt and worry to love, peace and joy. Awaken your power to heal your life and live from LoVe!

Certified Theta Healer

Linda Armstrong


Certified Master Coach

Intuitive Entrepreneur

International Association of Intuitive Entrepreneurs

Master Coach Intuitive Entrepreneurs

Certified Law of Attraction

Success Coach

Quantum Success Coaching Academy

Reiki Master Teacher

Usui Shiki

Quantum Edge Healing Institute

Reiki Master Teacher

The GATE Method Certified


The GATE Certified Facilitator

The GATE CErtified Facilitator

Linda Armstrong dba Pure Love Energy, LLC is a Master Certified Law of Attraction  Life Coach and provides individual Transformation Life Coaching, Certified Energy Healing via ThetaHealing® Technique & The GATE Method, as well as Guided Meditation and Personal Development Services  to some or all of the following local areas: Tenafly New Jersey, Englewood New Jersey, Bergenfield New Jersey, Cresskill New Jersey, Piermont New York, Tappan New York and Nyack New York.

Services are also available via phone conferencing and/or video conferencing for clients outside our local area