Using Light to Heal your Mind, Body & Spirit

A simple patch (more like a miracle patch) that uses your body’s heat to stimulate stem cells & start working instantly

Amazing Healing results from this easy to apply patch that will blow your mind.

YES, THIS IS A SIMPLE PATCH THAT STIMULATES STEM CELLS. I like to refer to it as a miracle patch. You feel it’s effects immediately. It goes to work instantly as your body’s heat activates the healing properties. I personally felt a soothing energy all along my neck and back within minutes of wearing the patch. AND within 2 hours I had next to no pain in my knees when squatting and going up and down stairs. That is certainly miraculous!

SOME OF THE BENEFITS YOU CAN EXPERIENCE are improved focus, improved stamina and energy, better sleep, dramatic pain relief, wrinkle reduction, hair growth, scar reduction, wound healing, youth renewal (anti-aging), enhanced sports performance, as the stem cells will repair injuries in the body. Benefits are listed below.

ONE OF THE MAIN POINTS THAT GOT ME HOOKED is that X39™ users over the age of 50 report feeling better and more fit than they did when in their 20s. Amazing results!  I’ve included many testimonials below. You can also read “LifeWave the Story of the X39™” to find out all about how it came to be and what it can do for you!

Mind Blowing

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There is no easier or affordable way to create the change that X39 will bring.
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When your body is thriving it becomes easy to overcome life’s challenges.

Those of you who know me and what I teach are aware that the better you feel, the higher vibration you hold, the easier it is to manifest all that you want in your life. Using these patches not only relieves pain and many other physical symptoms but they give you energy and help you to feel really good. That to me is pure MAGIC. This is why I am so excited to share these patches with you.

As we age, our stem cells decline in their ability to heal our bodies. Imagine if we could activate our stem cells and reset them to a younger, healthier state. This would be healing in a completely non-invasive, safe and cost-effective way.

The LifeWave X39™ is clinically proven to provide the body with a level of health and vitality that you have not experienced since you were in your youth. Backed by multiple clinical studies and 20 years of development, the LifeWave X39™ patch has been demonstrated to provide an abundance of health benefits.

“I have noticed after I have been using X39™ for 2-3 weeks my skin looks much younger, healthier and shines 24/7 with or without make up. I am so excited, thank you for this discovery!”


“After only one week now I feel that I have more energy doing my daily workout. I can do more repetitions and I am not so exhausted afterwards. It gives me more energy and I feel stronger.”


“I had been feeling so weak, no appetite and can’t sleep. After few days of using the patches I noticed I got back my energy, got my appetite and I was able to sleep without the sleeping pills.”


The Magic of Light Energy

For those of us who have experienced the healing power of the X 39 and other LifeWave patches, the science of light therapy is more than just theory. I’ve been asked by many people how do those patches work? What is the power source? 

It starts with light but that light is not coming from the sun it’s coming from your own body. The patch merely selects out a specific wavelength from the biophoton emissions from your body and sends it back as a consistent signal to your cells to produce a certain biochemical reaction.

LifeWave non-transdermal patches are phototherapy products that stimulate the skin with light to produce health benefits not obtainable by other approaches. The patches reflect light in the infrared and visible wavelength range to stimulate the body to improve energy production and the flow of energy in the body.

What I LOVE…

Is that LifeWave uses organic materials confined to patches placed on the skin that are capable of absorbing infrared light (body heat) and retransmitting specific wavelengths back into the body. These LifeWave patches are a revolutionary discovery that has been proven to be effective by numerous open-label and double-blind studies completed since 2002.

Scientific studies can be found at

This technology has already been proven to reduce pain, improve sleep, increase energy production, improve the appearance of the skin, increase antioxidant levels and increase peptide synthesis. LifeWave has now taken this into the next generation by utilizing this technology to increase the production of a peptide called GHK-Cu, a naturally occurring material in the body proven to activate stem cells in the body.

In fourteen years with hundreds of thousands of users, there have never been any reports of drug interactions or interference with implantable medical devices such as pacemakers. With the X39 patch, LifeWave is harnessing the power of stem cells to promote healing.

More on how this works

In the case of the X 39, the patch signals your body to increase the production of GHK-Cu peptide which in turn activates your stem cells and converts skin cells to stem cells. There are many types of patches available from LifeWave. For example, in the case of the Glutathione patch, the signal is to increase glutathione production. Each patch has a unique signal to the body and it’s all done with light. That’s why the response many people get is so fast it’s, literally, at the speed of light.

At the Speed of LIGHT! Amazing!



We are more than the atoms and molecules that make up our bodies, but beings of light as well.

Start healing with LIGHT there's nothing more natural?

There is no easier or affordable way to create the change that X39 will bring.
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The Many Benefits 

Unlike most products, LifeWave X39™ goes to work the minute you apply it.

Place one LifeWave X39™ patch on the body, use one of these locations shown in this image. Apply the patch to clean, dry skin in the morning (they are waterproof, so no worries with showering) They may be worn for up to 12 hours before discarding.  Be sure to keep well hydrated while using this product.

The X39 patch can also be applied directly to a point of pain or injury.

Do not place on broken skin.

Supports Wound Healing

Some of our most dramatic testimonial on the X39 have been in the area of wound healing. Wound healing is of course a natural process and requires the presence of stem cells. As we age, our stem cells become less effective though. Now, with X39, you can activate you stem cells and provide support for your body’s natural healing process.

Clinical research shows that after using X39 for only 6 weeks, the vascular system behaves as if it had become 2 years younger!


Rapid Pain Relief

X39 users can experience dramatic reductions in pain.  In fact, most people experience a reduction in the sensation of pain and inflammation within minutes of application.


Sleep Benefits

Clinical studies performed by LifeWave show that X39 improves the quality of sleep by altering levels of GABA, an important neurotransmitter in the brain.  The benefit is a natural improvement in your quality and duration of sleep.


Improved Skin Appearance

Would you like to not only feel younger but look younger as well?  Now you can with X39.  An important part of activating stem cells is increasing the production of collagen.  The result is that only a few weeks after applying X39 your skin will start to experience a significant reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Greater Energy

Clinical studies performed by LifeWave show that the X39 patch improved a person’s energy levels. The results when compared to the baseline, see the improvement in overall energy of the body, organ balance, and L/R symmetry distribution of energy.

Clinical research shows that the longer you use X39, the more benefits you receive. A study performed using Bio-Well technology shows that people who use X39 for 6 weeks have nearly double the improvements in energy when compared to using X39 for 3 weeks.


Faster Recovery from Exercise

Users of X39 report significant improvements in their sports performance and recovery. As stem cells are designed to repair damaged cells, this is not surprising.


Reduction in the Appearance of Scars

Many users of X39 report that after several weeks of using the product, they notice a reduction in the appearance of scars. This is a well-known attribute of elevating copper peptide known as remodeling.


Dramatic Anti-Aging

Initial clinical work performed by Dr. Loren Pickart, it was shown that when GHK-Cu is elevated in the body, we can see that cells start to behave like younger, healthier cells. Essentially helping to restore our cells to a younger state.

Isn't it time you took care of yourself?

There is no easier or affordable way to create the change that X39 will bring.
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“The first time I am pain free after more than 10 years”

“I had a lower back pain for more than 10 years. It is much worse when I am sitting in the airplane. Even after I took the pain killers. 2 hours later the pain wold come back unbearable. One day I brought this round little patch with me. It is called X39- It is a stem cells patch, completely natural, no chemicals. It activates my own stem cells. I put it on when I was in the airplane. The whole flight was with no pain at all. This is the first time after more than 10 years. It is amazing. When I flew back home I tried it again and still no PAIN. The most important thing is, it’s completely natural. Because my husband is a doctor he likes to use it for giving him energy. No money can buy PAIN FREE.”

– Nancy Boksberger

Some Testimonials

“It's a Miracle”

“My wife has had severe hip pain for years. After the 2nd patch these were her words “It’s a miracle.” She had not been able to move her leg in certain directions but now she can!!! I also have had right hip pain. It is much easier to put my sock on now. I am also able to do certain Jiu Jitu’s moves that I have not been able to do in years. Also, when I squat, I would put my left knee down and keep my right knee up. I am now able to squat normally with no problem.”

– Dr. Michinori Tao

Many Patches Available 

There are many more LifeWave Patches Available

This is exciting as you can combine another patch to your X39 therapy. LifeWave X39 patches are to be worn for 12 hours. You can use a different patch during the other 12 hours of the day. If there is an area that you want to add more focus to, this is the way to accomplish that. Or possibly one of these other patches is more of what you desire to work with.

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