Who’s leading the way? Soul vs. Ego…

Are you aware of when your Ego is taking over the Soul and running the show? Are you aware that the ego comes from a place of fear whereas the Soul comes from a place of love?

Developing the ability to recognize when you are leading through the Soul space or the Ego space is key to manifesting what you want in your life.

Absolutely nothing good can come from the energy of fear, doubt and worry, nothing! I repeat, nothing good comes from worry, doubt and fear. Those energies are guaranteed to produce negative experiences in your life. And those are the energies that fuel the ego.

When you can look at the fear, let it know you see it, you will find it can start to dissipate. It will begin to lose control as long as you declare that you see the fear and choose to listen to your heart instead. In other words, tell the Ego to “talk to the hand” let it know that your Soul is in charge!

Your heart will always guide you to what is best. Your Soul speaks through the heart. It knows what is for your highest good. The heart will always assist you to feel better. Of course, it’s the center of love, right?

There are ways to tell when you are getting stuck in the ego space. The first step is noticing that this is happening, then you can flip yourself back into your Soul Space. The Soul Space is where there is ease and flow.

I like to think of the soul as Sweet Open Unlimited Love… SOUL.

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The two videos I have included here will give you more understanding, and teach you how to stay in the beautiful Soul Space. Please leave me comments below with any questions that come up for you.

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong