This Truth Mantra will assist your Spiritual Awakening and set you FREE!

Awaken to your TRUTH, declare this Truth Mantra to set yourself FREE so that you can live your life through LOVE, PEACE and JOY!

i am LOVE, i LIVE love, i am FREE

I was given this truth mantra while in meditation. It is very simple and with repeated use will set you free from the energetic ties and blocks that hold you back from living through the high vibration of LOVE. 

Set yourself up to maintain the high vibe of love throughout your every day. The more you use this mantra the easier it will be to shift into LOVE. The easier it will get to notice when you fall away from LOVE. As you become fully aware of your own vibration you then begin to realize the awesome gifts that come from living in such a high vibration.

Be sure to download this Truth Mantra.

I have recorded this mantra for you so you can just listen and follow along or simply listen and let your subconscious mind absorb it and write it into a new program. Your subconscious mind really does call the shots, lets program it to a whole new way of being.

Just click to download.

I recorded this truth mantra and looped it 3 times which creates the statement being said 324 times. And, you can put it in a playlist to keep repeating. Then just pop in your earbuds and fall asleep listening.

The subconscious mind never sleeps. I like to use my sleep time to do some deep reprogramming of my subconscious mind.

The number 324 as a blend of all these influences symbolizes serving humanity by using your gifts and abilities. This number also symbolizes faith, trust, harmony, adaptability, creativity, focus, foundations, relationships, teamwork, optimism, joy, happiness, determination, progress, increase, growth and expansion.

I find that as I say this mantra I am taken away, totally expanded and feeling soooooooo good!

Enjoy, and please let me know how you feel as you listen to this mantra.

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong