Thank you!
I’m really excited to begin working with you.

You are on your way to creating real change in your life. With each session we will be releasing subconscious programming that holds you back from being your true self. We will also be instilling new beliefs and ways of being to support you in moving forward creating the life you truly desire. And there will be an awesome meditation that will connect you with your innermost self, opening your awareness allowing for new possibilities to manifest.

I will be sending you a welcome email with the link to join our session over Zoom Video. You will also receive a link to the recording for each session shortly after the session has ended. In the event that you aren’t able to join live, just know that you will receive the very same healing as you watch the replay. Everything is energy and the healing is the same whether in person or through the recording. Plus, you will have the meditation to listen to again and again.

*** If every you decide not to continue all you need to do is to email me (in advance to your next billing cycle) at letting me know and I will cancel your subscription ***

I’ll see you in the Circle,
Linda Armstrong