Are you going through a Spiritual Awakening?

Are you experiencing a Spiritual Awakening? How can you tell? And what can be done to ease the shifting and transformation as it comes?

These are really good questions about Spiritual Awakening!

The first step to understanding spiritual awakening is coming to the knowing that there is something very real going on. It can be very confusing and not so comfortable. But also very wonderful and enlightening. In this video I speak about some of my own experience and I just wanted to get across that you are not alone. There is a lot of energetic shifting and expansion going on everywhere.

The trick to navigating it all is to be gentle with yourself. Be mindful of your own experience, try not to get stuck in your own mental chatter and don’t give your power away to people outside of you. Part of this whole experience is to bring you into the awareness of your higher energy and its connection to all things. And especially the inner power that comes with it all.

You are not crazy, there are some weird things going on for sure! And when you come to this understanding you will come to appreciate the process.

I wanted to create this video because I come across a lot of people who don’t understand what is going on with them and they get so bogged down and frustrated trying to figure it all out. The best thing you can do is to get Energy Healing and learn about your inner power and connection to Spirit. Check out my post on Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening, I bet you have quite a few.

You are Spirit living in a body and this truth is your connection to the Universe and All that Is.

As you go through your spiritual awakening you will become more intuitive. As you become more intuitive you open to a connection to all things. As you feel your connection to all things you become more loving. It is through the energy of love that you can find more joy in your life. Follow the love and the joy and invite miracles into your life. It’s a process that is not easy but oh so rewarding.

If this article has brought up questions for you please ask me in the comments section below or send me a message through my contact page. I would love to carry this conversation further. And if you are ready to re-energize yourself click here to schedule an appointment.

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong