Are you ready to shed the energies of
the past and awaken into a whole new world of possibilities?

If you said YES to shedding the old energies then you are ready for a significant shift in your life…here’s what’s in store:

Powerfully align with your own intentions for a more gentle spiritual awakening and actually align with the power to meet your goals.  Let go of all the old programs, patterns and beliefs that have weighed you down for a lifetime!

Join this Spiritual Awakening Group and open up to all the magic that is waiting for you!


A S K  Y O U R S E L F   T H I S :

Is your life a rollercoaster ride of emotions you don’t seem to be able to manage?

How about your financial life, family life and work life?

Are you tired of the power surges and inevitable loss of power you experience?

Do you feel like you’re making personal and spiritual progress, then slide back into old patterns and feelings of unworthiness?

T H E S E  C O U L D  B E
S I G N S  O F  A  S P I R I T U A L  A W A K E N I N G !


good vibes only Linda Armstrong

Albert Einstein recognized that you cannot solve a problem from the level of consciousness that created it! So how can you change your life and experience “Good Vibes Only” if you are trying to do it without any help?

It takes higher consciousness to activate your own spiritual awakening and a LOVE and Transformation leader to clear the way for smooth sailing.

Join my Spiritual Awakening Group and let me, Linda, guide you to releasing the old and bringing in good vibrations.



Where do you want to be a year from now?


Do you want to remain Stuck in a Rut and spinning your wheels for another year?  I invite you to Step into Courage!

Listen to your inner voice calling you forth to deal with this NOW, and stop wondering why nothing ever changes!

Raising Your Vibration & Living the High Vibe Life

This Monthly Spiritual Awakening Group is rooted in deep-level Energy Healing:

Help you heal from a lifetime of “not good enoughs”!
Tap into the high vibration and consciousness level of love, this is MY jam!
Tune into the energy of your Soul (super powerful and loving…LOVE IS our TRUE NATURE btw…!)
Remove the blocks that keep you on the rollercoaster ride you call your life and keep you from the greater experience that resides within each one of us for smooth, more vibrant sailing.
Facilitate the experience of expanded states of consciousness and feel safe doing so, so that you can start aligning with them on a regular basis,
Calm your emotions and make them easier to deal with, and surrender,
Lift the veils of illusion inherent in lower consciousness & our ego self, and realize the truth that life can be ease and flow,
Accelerate your spiritual growth and the awakening process so you can make more positively oriented intentions and choices,
Help you to work in probable realities to choose the reality you want,
Help you to expand and contract time, so you can manifest what you want,
Open your heart center (a much more powerful center than your mind!), in order to create experiences that flow effortlessly and seemingly miraculously at times,
Help you with Living in the Matrix of Love and Truth

These Monthly Spiritual Awakening Group Coaching/Healing Sessions are Rooted in Deep-Level Energy Clearings that will:

  • Start with Oracle Card Readings and group discussion, to get a pulse on what is needed for energy clearing for the group
  • Provide coaching and guidance as things “come up” for you or the group
  • Clear limiting beliefs, patterns, programs, vows, oaths, decisions, energy cords and more

Each session is 60 minutes long. 


 Then BELIEF CHANGES, Energy Clearings, and Downloads around the topic of the week, and

 You will receive a downloadable mp3 recording of each week’s session.

This is a whole lot of healing and inspiration, in just a short amount of dedicated time committed to working on yourself.

So…where do you want to be a year from now?

Floundering in the ups and downs of life, or powerfully rooted in your own power, aligned with your Super Soul, manifesting what you really want with ease and joy.

H E A R  F R O M  O T H E R  H I G H  V I B E R S

Jennifer F. Demarest, NJ

Jennifer's Testimonial

The time I have spent with Linda has been very positive and has helped me to clarify my life vision. Through meditation sessions and various energy work Linda has helped me hear my inner voice and to connect with my guides. I love knowing she is always in my corner and ready to help me find my own way through the life journey. She is a blessing.

Jodi B. Tenafly, NJ

Jodi's Testimonial

The workshop with Linda helped to create a shift in my business without my realizing it consciously. The work is deep and subtle at the same time and it is powerful. Linda creates a safe, sacred space where real change can occur. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to excel in any area of their life. ~xo

Maria P. west new york, NJ

Maria P. Englewood, NJ

Maria's Testimonial

Hi Linda, I want to thank you and your workshop for helping me find myself and prioritize my life. I have learned to relax and to heal and to forgive. Through your sessions I have become more aware of what is important to me and how I can start to live an optimal life. I no longer dwell in the past and the things I can not change. I appreciate your classes very much. Thank You Linda!




A great price for TWO 1 hour sessions of group coaching and energy healing each and every month!
*** That’s just $55.5 per 1 hour session ***



The FIRST and THIRD Wednesday of each Month.
Afternoon sessions
from 1:00pm – 2:00pm EST
(we will meet over Zoom Video for each session)



About Linda Armstrong

I have been helping 1,000’s of individuals over the course of 9 years, clear the blocks that get in the way of healing, physical wellbeing, having loving and meaningful relationships, enjoying the ease and grace of financial abundance, participating in a career that you love and more!

I am an Energy Healer and Spiritual Awakening Coach. I am certified in select and powerful energy healing modalities.  I am also a Master Certified Law of Attraction Energy Coach…so I know a thing or two about manifestation!

I have a unique style to my work in that I combine Energy Healing with Transformational Coaching while tapping into my Intuitive Nature and Spiritual Guidance.

I empower my Clients to live an inspired, high vibrational life.

I assist you in finding and knowing what it is, that is for your highest good. I help you, who may be Awakening to your true self, with breaking through what’s keeping you stuck and stopping you from moving forward in life.

I help YOU bring more light and true power to your life.

Come join me on this adventure!

Together we will release energy that is blocking you and return you to holding a HIGH VIBRATION, enabling you to actualize all that you are asking for.