SPIRIT GUIDES: (How To Tell When Your Spirit Guides Are Contacting You)

Your Spirit Guides are always wanting to connect with you. They send you so many signs to let you know that you are not alone and you have support in the Spirit World.

This video speaks to many of the ways in which you can connect with Spirit Guides. Wouldn’t it be nice to consciously received spiritual guidance from Angels, Spirit Guides and Friends and Relatives that have passed?

It sure is a whole lot of fun to consciously connect with Spirit Guides. There is no right or wrong way as to how to talk to Spirit. Just follow your heart and let yourself explore and have fun with making a connection. You are already connecting with Spirit, only now you will just be consciously aware as you do.

You can download a really great meditation to Meet your Spirit Guide by clicking HERE.

There are just so many ways to connect. The more you start to notice the more you will get. As you open to receive you will receive more and more. Have fun connecting!

Peace, Love & Light,

Linda Armstrong