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Wouldn’t you like to grow spiritually, raise your vibration, and be your higher self in your everyday life?  

I am offering you 8 Weeks of Tuning into your Soul and getting Centered in my SOUL CIRCLE. Here is the current Course available:

SPIRITUAL GROWTH – Raising Your Vibration

This is an 8 week Meditation Course that will assist you in learning how to create any reality you want, lift the veils of illusion, and open your heart center.

These 8 guided deep-level meditations will assist you to experience many expanded states of consciousness to open your heart, to calm your emotions, to accelerate your spiritual growth, to work in probable realities to choose the reality you want, to expand and contract time, to lift the veils of illusion, to learn right use of will, and to become transparent. See short descriptions below.

Each session is 90 minutes long. 

I will be giving Oracle Card Readings, clearing Limiting Beliefs, Patterns, and Programs along with Coaching on whatever is coming up for the group and also guiding you through these very powerful healing meditations.

How it works:

The first 30 minutes will be CARD READINGS and open GROUP DISCUSSION, the second 30 minutes will be BELIEF CHANGES, Downloads and Healing around the topic of the week, the last 30 minutes will be MEDITATION and sharing.

You will receive a downloadable mp3 recording of each week’s meditation.

A whole lot of healing and inspiration in just a short amount of dedicated time to working on yourself so that you can step into manifesting easily.



SPIRITUAL GROWTH – Raising Your Vibration

A great price for 8 weeks of group coaching, energy healing and meditation!

PLUS as a bonus you will receive my HIGH VIBE LIVING Course for FREE!

I’m adding this bonus to assist you even more to living in a high vibration which allows you to MANIFEST all the good that you desire in your life. Manifesting from a LOW VIBE, well, not so good. I know you understand this or you wouldn’t be reading this page.

ONLINE SESSION – Wednesday Evenings from 8:00pm – 9:30pm EST
(You will be provided a link to meet over Zoom Video for each session)

JANUARY  9,  16,   23,  30   FEBRUARY 6,  13,   20,  27


About Linda Armstrong

.I am an Energy Healer and Spiritual Awakening Coach. I have certified in many healing modalities after becoming a Master Certified Law of Attraction Energy Coach.

I have a unique style in my work combining Energy Healing with Coaching while tapping into my Intuitive Nature and Spiritual Guidance to help my Clients live an inspired high vibrational life. I assist them in finding and knowing what it is, that is for their highest good. I help those who are Awakening to their true self, who want to breakthrough what’s keeping them stuck and stopping them from moving forward, to tap into the possibilities, knowing their purpose, achieving their goals and loving their life. As a result I help people to bring more light to their life.

Come join me on an adventure to bring in more Love and Light to your life. Together we will release energy that is blocking you and return to holding a HIGH VIBRATION enabling you to really manifest all that you are asking for.