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Wouldn’t you like to grow spiritually, raise your vibration, and be your higher self in your everyday life?  

I am offering you 8 Weeks of Tuning into your Soul and getting Centered in my SOUL CIRCLE. Here is the current Course available:

SPIRITUAL GROWTH – Raising Your Vibration

This is an 8 week Meditation Course that will assist you in learning how to create any reality you want, lift the veils of illusion, and open your heart center.

These 8 guided deep-level meditations will assist you to experience many expanded states of consciousness to open your heart, to calm your emotions, to accelerate your spiritual growth, to work in probable realities to choose the reality you want, to expand and contract time, to lift the veils of illusion, to learn right use of will, and to become transparent. See short descriptions below.

Each session is 90 minutes long. 

I will be giving Oracle Card Readings, clearing Limiting Beliefs, Patterns, and Programs along with Coaching on whatever is coming up for the group and also guiding you through these very powerful healing meditations.

How it works:

The first 30 minutes will be CARD READINGS and open GROUP DISCUSSION, the second 30 minutes will be BELIEF CHANGES, Downloads and Healing around the topic of the week, the last 30 minutes will be MEDITATION and sharing.

You will receive a downloadable mp3 recording of each week’s meditation.

A whole lot of healing and inspiration in just a short amount of dedicated time to working on yourself so that you can step into manifesting easily.



SPIRITUAL GROWTH – Raising Your Vibration

Use Special Discount Code: HOLIDAYS and save $50 if enrolled by Dec. 14th
A great price for 8 weeks of group coaching, energy healing and meditation!

IN- PERSON SESSION – Thursday Afternoon from 11:00am – 12:30pm
(17 Washington Street, Lower Level, Tenafly NJ 07670)

JANUARY  3,  10,  17,  24,  31    FEBRUARY  7,  14,   21

Registration ends on Dec. 27th, only 8 seats open.


The Meditations

MEDITATION 1: Raising Your Vibration Open your heart center, love yourself, and increase your vibratory rate by working at the cellular and sub-atomic level.

MEDITATION 2: Calming Your Emotions Align your emotions with your soul, let go of turmoil, choose peace at every moment, and create a flowing emotional aura.

MEDITATION 3 Accelerating Your Spiritual Growth Accept change, embrace the new, let growth be rapid and instantaneous, and believe you can reach enlightenment in this lifetime.

MEDITATION 4: Choosing Your Reality You can experience parallel and alternate universes and choose which reality you want as yours through changing your frequency.

MEDITATION 5: Expanding and Contracting Time Learn to operate in “hyper space,” awakening your abstract mind to accomplish hours of work in minutes, without pressure or stress. Operate in clear mental states of focus, concentration, and relaxation.

MEDITATION 6: Lifting the Veils of Illusion See beyond mass thought forms and view reality and your life clearly. Be in integrity with your soul, recognize and know truth.

MEDITATION 7: Right Use of Will Know when to be an active force and when to surrender. Develop your magnetic will to attract those things that are for your higher good.

MEDITATION 8: Becoming Transparent Become invisible at an energy level and let others’ energies pass through you. This will help you if you are around negative energy.