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Meditation Classes, Groups, Workshops & Special Events

Meditation Classes and Workshops

Clear your mind in order to increase your abilities and accomplishments. Meditation is a relatively easy way to get rid of the clutter in your head so you can think without obstacles once more. Through my meditation classes and groups, I will give you insights on how to make meditation work for you in all areas of your life – personal, relationships and work. You will discover that guided meditation classes can assist you in doing amazing things like make you more productive at work, have more energy, reduce anxiety, sleep more restfully and have better focus.

There is No Right or Wrong Way to Meditate.

It’s all about making a deep connection to yourself. With that inner connection you go into a state of mindfulness, it is like you are erasing a messy blackboard filled with information. As you meditate, you remove all of the old thoughts, worries and emotions that drag you down. There is a lot of healing that occurs with my meditations. You will learn how to stop the bombardment of thoughts that race through your mind and keep you from sleeping or getting your work done.

Find Peace Through Meditation

Just by learning how to concentrate on your breath and let go of the other thoughts for just a few short minutes each day you will find peace. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, you will begin to have more positives feelings like being refreshed and ready for whatever comes your way. As the stumbling blocks are removed, life becomes easier, happier and more wonderful. You will make a connection to the deepest part of your being and connect with the energy of All that IS. I’d love for you to join me in meditation classes and my circle!



I look forward to meeting you!

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Join with me in the Soul Circle, Meditation Classes and Groups

Be inspired, feel supported, and awaken your consciousness in a peaceful loving supportive soul group gathering.
There is no mistake when a group comes together, it is always perfect. Everyone will have common energy between them
and will grow through the connection.

There is something so powerful about gathering in our soul circles of light. It helps us to remember our Truth,
that we are Spirit and we have unlimited potential. It supports us in staying centered. And it allows us to have our
heart-centered connections when we need them most.

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