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Wednesday MAY 24th, 2017
12:30pm – 2:00pm
17 Washington Street
Tenafly NJ 07670

ENROLL only $35:


(Limited to fist 8 people)

Learn to love your body just as it is and release negative thoughts about it. You will add light and love to each area of your body, learn to listen to its messages, and bring the light of your soul into your body.

You will transform a sub-personality that doesn’t love your body, so you can give your body the food, relaxation, movement, and love it deserves.

Our bodies are the vehicle through which we as Spirit travel the Earth. We all give our Cars a tune up, why not tune-up your body. Literally tuning up it’s vibration, bringing in more love and light to bring much joy into our lives.

Enroll here!

There are two great classes…

For the last 2 weeks of May.  

Come and spend some quality “ME TIME” in a small group of like minded people who are expanding their awareness and bringing in peace, love and joy through meditation. It is a wonderful experience of getting to know your Innermost Self. The part of you that is always connected to the love and power of the Universe.

Tap into your True Self and feel the expansion of meditation. Experience the feeling of being outside of your body and traveling into Higher Dimensions.

I will also be giving Oracle Card readings so that you can receive messages about what is going on in your life. What may be coming in, what may be going out, or what is occurring at this very time and receiving guidance about all of it.

It’s really pretty AWESOME!

There is a limit of 8 per class. You must pre-pay to secure your seat.

Use the links provided for each class:

Loving Your Body (May 24th 2017)

Loving Your Inner Child (May 31st, 2014)

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